A screenshot of an SMS message sent to an organization for donations.

SMS or QR Code Donations

Yevma offers seamless registration, granting your organization a unique number that your donors can text to contribute or make payments for goods and services. Every SMS code comes with a paired QR Code, leading donors to a user-friendly online payment page, enabling easy integration into your website and shareability on social media platforms.

Giving Tuesday logo on a white background promoting SMS Donations.

Customized Events Management

Create tailored SMS codes effortlessly for various purposes – be it managing RSVPs, handling ticket sales, or categorizing donations as one-time or recurring. Our adaptable platform ensures seamless import/export of details and integrated email marketing to cultivate and maintain relationships with donors effectively.

Two people holding up a trophy, celebrating SMS Donations.

Efficiency at Every Scale and Purpose

Yevma’s seamless integration and adaptability ensure that every member of your team can easily incorporate it into their daily operations. A remarkable 90% of our partnering nonprofits found Yevma so user-friendly that they didn't require any formal training. Beyond facilitating donations, we offer smart tools designed to monitor and analyze campaign progress, helping you optimize your strategies and maximize your donations.

Yevma is not just a platform; it’s your one-stop solution to elevate donor engagement, streamline processes, and maximize your donations. Step into a new era of donor interactions and let Yevma Tech be your companion in achieving enhanced communication and interaction.


“Partnering with Yevma allowed us to increase our fundraising by 25%! We are able to send time-sensitive bulk messages to donors and members, and we can easily access donor contact information for future marketing efforts. The Yevma team is very customer oriented. They understood our challenges and came up with solutions in record time to meet our specific needs. I would recommend Yevma to non-profits looking for a convenient and secure payment option for fundraisers, donation drives, and regular donations.”

Olga Anderson, St. Elias Orthodox Church, La Crosse, WI