The Community Connector tool has provided you with valuable leads that can significantly enhance your outreach efforts. To maximize their potential, it’s crucial to effectively utilize these leads using your Yevma account. Dedicate at least 15 minutes every day to manage and engage with these leads. This guide will help you build meaningful partnerships and collaborations with these leads, all while supporting your important cause.

1. Review Your Data    

  • Use Tags Effectively: While the data is categized for you, you can you add more tags to help you fine tune your data cationizations. This helps in quickly filtering contacts based on your campaign needs

2. Gather Insights 

  •  Company Website: Visit the “About Us” and “CSR” sections to learn about their mission, values, and recent news.
  • Description Column: Review the “Description” column for a summary of each company’s activities.
  • Potential Contribution Column: Check the “Potential Contribution” column to understand why this company can support your cause.
  • Location: See if the company is close to your area in the “Location” column.
  • LinkedIn Profile: Review LinkedIn profiles to understand professional backgrounds and key positions.

3. Craft Personalized Messages

To effectively engage with these leads, you can use various outreach methods such as email, SMS, or phone calls. Here’s how to get in touch with these businesses using your Yevma account:

 Email Outreach:
 Use your Yevma CRM to send personalized emails. Write concise, engaging emails that highlight shared values and the potential for mutual benefit. Mention specific reasons why the partnership would be valuable for them.
  • Simply click on “Email Outreach” in your Yevma account, then choose “Marketing Email.”
  • You’ll find a marketing email template prepared for you. Edit and customize it to suit each contact.
  • Subject Line: “Exploring a Partnership for Greater Impact”
  • Opening: Introduce your nonprofit and its mission.
  • Body: Highlight common goals, mention any relevant news or initiatives from the prospect’s company, and propose a collaboration.
  • Closing: Include a clear call-to-action, such as scheduling a call or meeting.
  • Reminder: Don’t forget to include an unsubscribe link to comply with email regulations.
SMS Outreach:

Send concise, engaging SMS messages directly from your Yevma account. Briefly introduce yourself, mention the purpose of your message, and suggest a next step.

  • Opening: Introduce yourself and your organization.
  • Message: Highlight a specific reason for reaching out and propose a next step.
  • Closing: Include a clear call-to-action.
Phone Outreach:

Utilize the phone numbers provided to make direct calls. Prepare a brief script, clearly state the purpose, and propose a follow-up action.

  • Introduction: Introduce yourself and your organization.
  • Purpose: Clearly state the purpose of your call and how it aligns with the company’s values.
  •  Engagement: Ask questions to engage the prospect and understand their interests.
  •  Next Steps: Propose a follow-up action, such as a meeting or sending more information.
LinkedIn Messaging:

Connect with contacts on LinkedIn and send personalized messages.

  •  Connection Request: Optionally Include a note explaining why you’d like to connect.
  •  Follow-Up Message: After connecting, send a follow-up message elaborating on your partnership idea.
Personalization is key to effective prospecting. Use the information gathered to craft messages that resonate with each contact.

4. Engage with Leads’ Content

To build rapport and maintain visibility with your leads, regularly engage with their content. This keeps your nonprofit on their radar. Here’s how:

 LinkedIn Engagement:

  •  Like, comment, and share their posts with insightful comments.
  • Mention them in your relevant posts.
  • Endorse their skills or write brief recommendations.
Website and Social Media Engagement:

  • Comment on their blog articles.
  •  Follow their social media profiles and engage with their posts.

5. Prepare for Meetings

Once you secure a meeting or call, prepare thoroughly.

  • Presentation: Develop a presentation or pitch deck that clearly outlines the benefits of the partnership.
  • Discussion Points: Prepare key discussion points and questions to understand their needs and how your nonprofit can help meet them.
  • Materials: Have materials ready to share, such as impact reports, brochures, and case studies.

6. Follow-Up

After initial contact, follow up promptly.

  • Thank You Email: Send a thank-you email after meetings or calls, summarizing key points discussed and next steps.
  • Additional Information: Provide any additional information requested and keep the prospect updated on your nonprofit’s activities and successes.

7. Track and Evaluate

Keep track of all interactions and outcomes in your Yevma account is crucial. Here’s how:

  • CRM System: Use Yevma CRM to log interactions and key points from engagements in the Notes column.
  • To-Do List: Set reminders using the to-do list feature to ensure follow-ups. Email reminders will help keep you on track.
  • Evaluation: Regularly assess and adjust your outreach strategies based on effectiveness.

Sample Templates

Email Template

Subject: Exploring a Partnership for Greater Impact

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I’m [Your Name], [Your Position] at [Your Nonprofit]. We are deeply inspired by [Company Name]’s commitment to [specific CSR initiative or value].

At [Your Nonprofit], we are dedicated to [briefly describe your mission]. We believe that by working together, we can create significant positive change in our community.

I would love to explore potential collaboration opportunities that align with both our missions. Could we schedule a call next week to discuss this further?

Thank you for considering this partnership. I look forward to the possibility of working together.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

LinkedIn Message Template

Connection Request:

 Hi [Recipient’s Name],

I’m [Your Name] from [Your Nonprofit].

I admire [Company Name]’s work in [specific area]. I’d love to connect and explore potential collaboration opportunities.

Follow-Up Message: 

Hi [Recipient’s Name], thank you for connecting! I’m excited about the potential for our organizations to work together. I’d love to discuss how we can collaborate to achieve greater impact.

Are you available for a brief call next week?

By following these steps and utilizing the provided templates, your nonprofit can effectively prospect and build valuable partnerships with corporate and business contacts using the data from the Community Connector feature in Yevma.