The name “Yevma” (or “Gevma”) is inspired by the Greek word “γεύμα”, which translates to “meal”—a symbol of nourishment, growth, sustenance, and comfort. This embodies what everyone should have the right to access: the essential elements that encourage our well-being and progress. At Yevma, our purpose extends beyond merely crafting cutting-edge payment and engagement solutions. Our core belief is deeply embedded in our dedication to benefiting the broader community.

We are resolutely committed to addressing global challenges such as hunger, food wastage, and poverty. As an affirmation of this commitment, we allocate a portion of our profits to combat these pressing concerns. Choosing Yevma is not just a decision to use a service that propels your business forward; it’s a choice to align with a brand unyielding in its aspiration for a world filled with equality and compassion. Your partnership with us bolsters our mission, facilitating transformative positive change and instilling a sense of mutual responsibility and collective growth.