Explore SMS payments designed for nonprofits, streamlining donation collections with faster response rates and increasing recurring contributions with automatic SMS reminders. Tailor campaigns and receive instant feedback to engage donors more effectively.

SMS payments streamline donation collection, with a 78% faster response rate than traditional methods.

Automatic SMS reminders to donors, leading to a 45% increase in recurring contributions.

Engage donors more effectively with tailored campaigns and instant feedback loops.

SMS-based event notifications ensuring 30% higher turnout.

Property Managers

Leverage our SMS services to facilitate rent and fee collections, reduce late payments, and increase tenant engagement through consistent and real-time communication. Benefit from swift resolutions of tenant queries with instant SMS interactions.

Rent and fee collection via SMS, reducing late payments by 60%.

SMS reminders for rent due dates, maintenance notifications, and community updates.

Tenant engagement increased by 50% with consistent and real-time SMS communication.

Swift resolution of tenant queries through instant SMS interactions.


With our specialized SMS services for consultants, experience faster payments, enhanced client retention, and secure on-the-go interactions. Benefit from automated reminders reducing no-shows and facilitating scheduled sessions.

Get paid 40% faster with SMS-based invoicing and payment reminders.

Engaging SMS communication, leading to a 35% increase in client retention.

Secure and swift SMS-based consultations, facilitating on-the-go client interactions.

Automated SMS reminders for scheduled sessions, reducing no-shows by 25%.


Unlock the potential of SMS payment links to simplify transactions and increase sales conversions. Optimize stock management with real-time inventory alerts and boost sales through engaging promotional campaigns and reminders.

SMS payment links simplify transactions, increasing sales conversions by 55%.

Real-time inventory alerts via SMS, optimizing stock management.

Engaging promotional campaigns and reminders, boosting sales by 20% through SMS marketing.

Swift checkout reminders, resulting in a 15% reduction in abandoned carts.

In today’s interconnected world, Yevma leads the revolution in effective communication and transactions with cutting-edge SMS services, bridging the gap between businesses and their diverse audiences, and optimizing outreach and operational efficiency. With our state-of-the-art platform, businesses across different sectors have witnessed tangible growth, improved stakeholder satisfaction, and significantly enhanced operations.
Discover how Yevma’s tailor-made SMS services can transform your organization’s payment and engagement journey, revolutionizing interactions and transactions across various sectors.