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Fast, easy, and effective donor engagement.

Yevma services include Marketing, Payments, Invoices, Events Management, E-commerce

Why Choose Yevma

In an age where every interaction matters, Yevma stands at the forefront of revolutionizing customer engagement through payments. Our commitment is twofold: ensuring smooth transactions and transforming each transaction into an opportunity for deeper customer relationships. Join the future of business interactions; choose a platform where payments meet purpose.

Partnering with Yevma allowed us to increase our fundraising by 25%! We are able to send time-sensitive bulk messages to donors and members, and we can easily access donor contact information for future marketing efforts. The Yevma team is very customer oriented. They understood our challenges and came up with solutions in record time to meet our specific needs. I would recommend Yevma to non-profits looking for a convenient and secure payment option for fundraisers, donation drives, and regular donations!


Streamlined Payment Experience

Experience swift and secure payments without the hassle of app downloads or online navigation. On average, it takes patrons just 55 seconds to register and mere moments to settle a bill. Our comprehensive suite of solutions empowers businesses and non-profits, giving them a distinctive edge to flourish!

Championing the Greater Good

Robust businesses are the backbone of vibrant, flourishing communities. Whether you're a collaborative business partner or an individual supporter, take pride in joining our endeavor to enhance the spaces we live, work, and celebrate in.

Exceptional Customer Care

Our promise of satisfaction isn't just a statement, it's a commitment! Elevating your customer experience is central to propelling your business forward. We've integrated a secure customer loyalty program, accessible with a simple touch and without any extra charge, designed to captivate and reward your patrons.